Getting started 

with Thanks

Launching an organization-wide reward and recognition program used to be a massive challenge. Well, not anymore. Thanks is a social recognition platform that empowers you to create a culture of recognition at work. Thanks provides leading edge workflow integrations so you can appreciate your colleagues without ever disrupting your work  

Thanks is truly FAST to set up, EASY to govern and SIMPLE to use.  

Start trial

See how to sign up for a free trial instance of Thanks. Get access to the complete recognition and engagement functionalities during the trial period.

Sign up with your work email 

Sign up for the trial with your work email. This is the email to which the activation link is triggered. 

Validate your email

Click on the validation link that is sent to the id that you provided.

Provide organization details

Provide some basic organization details and you are all set to start the trial.

Ready to set up Thanks for your company?

Platform setup

Thanks lets you customize your rewards and recognition program as per your business needs. The admin controls lets you define and implement the platform settings in the most optimal way. 


Organization details

You can now configure your company details such as the company domain name, currency type, and upload a logo. The company logo uploaded will be seen by default at the top left corner of the platform and in the communication emails.  Also, you can choose to map the countries on the platform that are required for redemption. 

Platform branding

Configure the text color, background-color schema, of the application and upload banners. With these, you can customize your recognition platform as per your organization's brand guidelines. 

Program details

You can set up an initiative name for your reward and recognition platform. You can also set up an email mask which will be seen when emails will be triggered to the employees.

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All settings are grouped in tabs based on functionality.

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Step 1

Step 2

Configure features

The Thanks platform is so powerful and versatile that you can configure features and have it your way without waiting for support teams. Manage a wide range of features based on the platform requirement. 

Activate and deactivate features

From sending an appreciation note to your colleagues to conducting surveys for your teams, build your platform based on the organization's needs . Through a variety of features, scroll through the page and choose the respective feature you wish to activate (or deactivate). Spend no more hours with support teams. It is as simple as toggling a switch.

Configure features

You will find multiple configuration options to add and modify attributes. You can upload ecards, attach photos for building a memory book, gift reward points to each other and whatnot. 

Add rewards

Configure your custom rewards with just a few clicks. The reward feature has comprehensive nomination controls and approval workflows. Setup reward values in multiple currencies/countries. Last but not the least, you can link rewards to company values/behaviors to amplify the recognition culture.  

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Step 3

Manage user roles

User data keeps changing at organizations. You have additions, exits or maybe people have changed departments, or moved across countries. You can also assign the respective roles of your employees in the organisation.

Add and delete users

Keep the employee database on Thanks recent by adding or deleting users as required. Make manual work simple by using the ‘add bulk user’ option. Employees who are no longer a part of the organization, can be deleted from this database. 

Manage changes

Easily update changes like geographic or department moves.  You can update a single or multiple user database at one go. Follow the easier approach and upload the bulk user data to the platform.

Integrate with HRMS

Easy integrations with industry-leading HRMS platforms to provide a seamless experience. The workflow integrations will let you perform actions on the platform without ever disrupting the flow of your work. Thanks integrates seamlessly with your existing work tools saving you the cost of custom integrations.

Keep your company data up to date through the user role management section. 

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Step 4

Manage budgets

Thanks gives you advanced budget control capabilities to configure and manage reward budgets the way you would like to.

Set up group and team budgets

You can assign and control budgets to departments and teams for group heads to reward their teams. Utilise various available options such as, ‘create new group’, ‘bulk update admin’, remove the resigned group owners and bulk upload of budget. To know more go through the documentation link:

Assign budgets to individuals

You can even assign budgets to individual managers and empower them to issue instant rewards. No approval flows required. To know more go, through the documentation link :

Transfer budgets 

Reassign and transfer budgets between departments, teams and managers with a single click. Only individuals with admin rights can allocate or transfer budgets across various groups. To know more go, through the documentation link :

Step 5



For additional security, Thanks implements a set of automated checks. We have system audits for monetary and non-monetary awards. The Recognition Anomalies Detection and Response (R.A.D.A.R) capability in Thanks enforces checks and controls on access and budget utilization to flag any suspicious behavior.

Email domain check

Thanks maintains a check on the email domains configured during set up. Users with ID outside of these domains cannot be added to your Thanks set up

Check on the quarterly limit of total budget group

Thanks enforces two-factor authentication (2FA) for budget changes. Administrators are required to authenticate their login before making any changes to budgets. This check helps prevent accidental addition or utilization of budgets.

Quarterly reward density

Thanks lets you keep a check on the total number of rewards one can issue or receive in a quarter. The platform prevents the same employee from receiving a reward beyond a preset limit. It also prevents managers or admins from issuing nominations for similar reward types beyond a set limit. 

Step 6

Daily redemption limit

You can now keep a check on the number of vouchers and points that can be redeemed in a day. Redemption requests will be declined when the preset limit is exceeded. Redemption quantum is restricted at the organization level and individual level as well.